Printing SMS Messages From Samsung

As the phone memory is limited, we have to delete some messages to make sure the phone can receive or send new messages. Many times we find messages that are important or even are quite funny. Want to know how to print SMS from Android or WhatsApp messages? It is best Idea is to print important SMS messages to as hard copy record.

print sms from android

printing SMS using email

Several people asked the question of What I can do to print SMS using email happened? Well the answer is yes, but we must follow a few steps.

  • To do it download smsBackup app from Google play store and install the program. Once done, go to advanced settings and from there to the Backup option settings. Here you will find another option, select Backup WhatsApp.
  • After that, go to WhatsApp settings, Chat Settings and select Archiving all conversations tab.
  • This will serve to all conversations, to get the message one, let your finger down on you want and then give “Send mail chat”.
  • You also need to have installed the smsBackup + application before you start. After you have installed, grant permission to use your Gmail account and connecting to it, because otherwise, the process will not work.
  • When you connect, you make us accept a backup automatically.


By giving yes, you made a copy of all SMS in your Gmail. To have them all in the mail, from there you can easily print, just press the button on the top right printer-shaped screen; you can select an entire conversation or a particular message. In addition, emails with SMS will be sent as label and read with what you do not bother reading the other emails received.

Printing SMS messages from Samsung phone

To print SMS messages from Samsung phone, you need to export your messages from the phone at first. For this you will find several applications such as  SMS reader for PC that helps you transfer SMS from Samsung phone, like Samsung Galaxy Note or S2/S3/S4 and keep in printable format.

SMS easy Reader & Printer program is specially designed for Android users and support for transferring contacts, SMS, photos, videos and more between your computer and Android device effortlessly.



Portable Lightweight Staging For Hire Or DIY! What Is Best?

The sizes and heights of portable lightweight staging for concerts vary depending on the size of the band and the amount of equipment needed and people attending the show. Portable stages are reliable solutions as compared to fixed stages with quality at reasonable prices. There are verities of stages for hire or you can build a stage on your own. Below you will find information about how to build a stage that suits your preferences.

Intellistage staging hire

  • If the show will have a large audience, the best option is a higher stage, to ensure a better view of the artists. For illustrative purposes, assume you want to build a stage of 32 feet (9.8 m) wide, 16 feet (4.9 m) deep and 36 inches (91.44 cm) high.
  • Build the first module. Place a sheet of plywood 4 by 8 feet (1.22 by 2.44 m) and 2 poles attached by 4 inches (5.1 by 10.16 cm) below the face. Screw the rods to the top of this table. That will be the surface of the stage, while the bottom, where the rods, is the basement (which provides rigidity and strength to the surface).
  • Add legs to the module. Cut 8 pieces of 36-inch (91.4 cm) rods 2 by 4 inches (5.1 by 10.16 cm). Each of these subsurface modules with two screws for wood and then place them.
  • Repeat steps 2 and 3 as many times as necessary to build enough modules to complete the stage. When the modules are ready, arrange them achieving the shape and size desired.

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You can give them different heights modules. For example, the front of the stage can be 24 inches (60.9 cm) tall, and the back, 36 inches (91.4 cm).

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Can Gum Pockets Be Reversed?

If you’d like to prevent gum disease, or in case you already have it and wish to fight it, read this informative article. Gum disease, or periodontitis, has hardly any symptoms in the early phases, and if you’re not observant, it is simple to miss them. Premature babies frequently have health problems because their organs didn’t have adequate time to develop. That s the reason the reason plenty of individuals are willing to go to a dentist to attain the defect rectified.

Buy Porsche – They’re All Worth Every Penny

What’s more interesting in life other than having one of these? Is it an eye-catching obsession? I bet, were talking about a car. It is one of our needs in our daily lives that can make our life easier. Cars that lead us in any destination we want. Not just an ordinary car, but a dream car, an exotic and luxurious car that we all dreamed of. A car with an extreme speed and designed by finest artists in the world. It’s a car that is worth every penny the owner paid.

Curious what car this is? I’m talking about a special car not only for what it is an automobile but more so for what it symbolizes. I’m talking about Porsche! Manufacturer of high-performance luxury automobiles founded in 1931 by the famous Austro-Hungarian engineer Ferdinand Porsche.


Special features of Porsche

Luxury, that’s all the car enthusiasts’ wants. They’re unique in other ways that make you eager to have one. Asking why? It is because they don’t just have the luxury, but also extreme speed, exquisite designs, and bizarre cars.

Who would want to miss this kind of car to drive in bloody horrible roads? Who would be willing to sacrifice a big amount of money?

Just to buy a Porsche, a dream of many. Who can’t wait to drift it in serpent roads? Cars this good are meant to be shared with others. This kind of powerful cars can’t wait, buy a Porsche!

Why would a Volkswagen be closely related with Porsche?

It is simply because Ferdinand Porsche designed the first Volkswagen Beetle. In 1969, the two companies worked in partnership and built the Porsche 914. Porsche 914-4 had a Porsche engine while Porsche 914-6 had a Volkswagen engine. It’s so amazing that they make a car with the combined qualities of a Volkswagen and a Porsche.

The famous herds in Porsche stable are the: Porsche 911 Turbo S, Porsche 911 Turbo S Cabriolet, Porsche 911 GT3, Porsche 911 Sports Classic, Porsche Boxster Spyder, Porsche Cayenne Diesel, Porsche Panamera 4S, Porsche 911 Carrera, Porsche 911 Targa 4 and a lot more. These cars are engineered specially to fit every buyer’s wants and specs. Aside from the understated elegance that you will surely appreciate, it also gives inner satisfaction and pleasure.



The highlights in every Porsche cars are their most powerful engine. That’s why they’re the most successful brand in Motorsport, with more than 28,000 victories. There surely is something special in their engine that made them victorious. Not just in their sports car that they have a powerful engine, but also in their road cars.

One of the latest head in the family is the well-known Porsche 911 Turbo S, the “S” means more power and better handling. It’s a twin-turbo flat six with 500-horsepower engine. All the 530 horsepower and 516 pound-feet of torque are transferred to all four wheels through Porsche’s seven-speed PDK (Double-clutch transmission) dual clutch gearbox. The main highlight of this car is 62 mph in 3.3 seconds, and the top speed is at 196 mph, with a fixed and folding roof version.

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Porsche framework enhancements include launch control, limited slip differential and Dynamic Engine Mounts (DEM). DEM tenses up during hard driving and stay more flexible when pootling to calm noise and vibration. It also had ceramic brakes, 19-inch RS (Rally Sport) Spyder alloys, and adaptive sports leather seats.

All in all, Porsche is equipped in every buyer’s love. The biggest problem was the price, but it is worth every penny. They may be expensive, but it satisfies the specifications. Buy a Porsche and you’ll never regret it.

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Five Things Every Teenage Driver Should Know

Auto accidents are the biggest reasons of death amongst teenagers today. So car safety is one of the most important things you can teach your teenage driver. – Auto Repair Shop Lexington KY offers some rules of the road and other safety tips that can save on insurance premiums, help avoid tickets, and even save lives.


Some teenagers are apt to take unnecessary risks while driving because they are inexperienced. Teach your children to keep a good handle over their emotions while keeping an eye out for the other cars on the road.

  • Use turn signals for lane changes as well as turns.
  • Don’t weave in and out of traffic.
  • Avoid tailgating.
  • Check your pride at the door.
  • Someone passing or following too closely isn’t necessarily out to offend you
  • Slow down at yellow lights.
  • Be careful even through green lights.
  • Watch out for drivers that may be turning in front of you or even running red lights.
  • Slow down in bad weather conditions. 25 percent of all traffic accidents are caused by distractions, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

Some other safe driving measures

Talking on the phone or changing music are two of the most common ways to distract teens.  Even if their cellular phone has a hands-free device, urge your children to pull over before making or receiving calls.  And, make sure to cap the number of passengers allowed in the car.

Set an example for your teens and emphasize the importance of seat belts.  While most state laws require that anyone over the age of four wear a seat belt, not all do.  So make sure your teen and all passengers buckle up before driving.  Make sure that your teens understand the proper way to wear a safety belt, also.  The lap belt should be secure across the pelvis and the shoulder belt should drape across the chest without too much slack.

Of course, your teens shouldn’t be drinking at their age, but this problem cannot be ignored. Be sure to explain the consequences of drinking and driving to your children openly.  This means avoiding riding with people who have been drinking as well. 

Sometimes it is good to tell your teen that they can call you for a no consequences ride home if it means avoiding a ride from a drunk friend.  Remember to remind your teen of the legal consequences of driving even after one or two drinks.  Even if your teen did not cause an accident, they could still have their license suspended, receive jail time, have insurance premiums skyrocket, and incur thousands of dollars in fines.

A lot of drivers don’t follow the posted speed limit.  And, speed can play a major role in your chances of surviving an accident. The NHTSA shows that for every 10 mph over 50 mph the chance of death or injury doubles.  Even small accidents and tickets can cost hundreds of dollars in fines and even result in license suspension.  So tell your children about the consequences of speeding.

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Porsche Performance Parts By

Porsche has launched ages back and since that time is a huge common car. Porsche beauties are specially identified for rear-engine and its sturdy and special layout. These cars have a large number of types and have encountered many small adjustments. Due to a quantity of styles, consumers mightn’t believe it is easy to look out for the component that is right. Thus, consumers consider esteemed and good merchants who provide them quality parts with technical assistance.

Champion Motorsport provides excellent customer care support and help. They feature a broad range of Porsche parts including brakes, interiors, spoilers, wheels, taillights, fatigue, motor parts, etc. Elements for all Porsche styles such as Porsche 911, Boxster, Cayenne, Cayman and Panamera, etc.-are available online at online Porsche Dealer Pompano Beach of Champion Motorsport. Every part is real and the dealership guarantees that you receive your promised goods at some really good rates.

Porsche performance parts

Buyers will see highest quality mechanical and electrical engine parts such as gas filters, battery cable, fat pumps, piston rings, pistons and tube pieces, camshafts, con rod bearings, motor brackets, main bearings, etc. which can improve the performance of your Porsche car. Additionally, other parts including spoilers, taillights, Tubi Exhausts system, wheels, brake system, interiors, fronts, air-intake kits, body kits, headlights, suspension parts and also other components of several Porsche models are readily available.

The secret behind the exceptional efficiency of Porsche are its wheels along with the engine power. A Porsche owner certainly will seek quality selections and would not want to overlook these doing parts. Screened wheels and excellent standard for several models can be found at fantastic prices. You’ll experience worry after getting these wheel packages free. There is no dilemma of compatibility.

Along performance, Porsche also offers unmatched and unique looks. This car’s decoration is luxurious and therefore are made from the quality material that is highest. Porsche an excellent car provides owner unforgettable experience and a pleasant. The car’s sophisticated and presently awesome rooms may be more enhanced or tailored to add more type for the car. Online Porsche dealer of Champion groups has excellent quality interior accessories for several models of Porsche.

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Investing in a Porsche component wants remarkable precision when it comes to quality and specification as one wouldn’t actually enjoy a small influence on the efficiency of his motor. With an utmost precision on these features, the internet site delivers in-depth guidance and details that assists buyers find the greatest gear for their vehicles.

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Functional Medicine Denver – The Future Of Conventional Treatment

One of every two people in developed countries suffers from chronic diseases, which accounts for 80% of health costs. Of course, this is significant, but more shocking is the individual cost of that suffering, which is immeasurable. How can we quantify the pain and suffering of those we love, the sadness of losing our quality of life?

This is one of the questions connect with the Integrative Functional Medicine Denver, a new medicine devoted to preventing and reversing disease, focusing on how our genes make our individuality and all the factors involved to be the only beings that we are. It means to be facing a new paradigm in medicine where we need to give up conventional thinking, which tells us that we have to treat a symptom with a drug. It is a new science which postulates that health should not be the absence of disease, but positive energy. Given the integration of body, mind and spirit, it is proposed as a new approach to the treatment of chronic diseases.


It is incorporating new concepts while leaving old knowledge, the closest thing to unlearn some stuff. This process is necessary to understand what are the causes of the disease in order to restore function rather than complete relief of symptoms and to make way for advanced knowledge that allow us to elucidate the maze of chronic diseases.

Despite innovative treatments and sophisticated procedures, the rapid spread of this epidemic of chronic diseases has compromised the effectiveness of the health system in many countries contributing to the bankruptcy of national and global economies.

The solution to this contradiction should be apparent to all of us: what we do which is not working.

The current medical model is focused on the treatment of acute diseases, and its goal is to find a pill for each disease. While it may be effective in acute cases, it does not work when it comes to chronic diseases.

  • What do we mean by chronic diseases?
  • Are those that do not heal, worsen over time, or triggered by multiple causes?

Among the most common chronic diseases include type 2 diabetes, autoimmune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, osteoporosis, asthma, depression, autism, hypertension, dementia, etc.

Functional Nutrition

As it is raised, we would have to get used to living with them, a very expensive proposition in terms of money and our health, where the only alternative is a path directed to a frail old age, unhealthy and investing our time visiting the doctor and taking medicines.

While these diseases do not shorten our lives, we impose a burden of pain and limitation that remains for us the quality of life and prevents us from enjoying an extended longevity in its full dimension.

This should not happen. Medical science has currently with revolutionary tools to avoid this collision with debilitating diseases. If we cannot understand the cause that makes us sick, we cannot find the solution, and that search is where Functional-Integrative Medicine plays a leading role and open new paths.

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Common Gum Disease Symptoms

Periodontal disease is a costly problem which affects vast numbers of people every year. The warning signs of the disease are difficult to catch earlier, making it hard to identify the disease until damage has already been carried out. While the best way to prevent gum disease is through regular dental checkups, there are signs you can look for early on. Can you reverse receding gums? Here are a few gum disease symptoms you need to be aware of. If you detect any of these problems, you should tell your dentist.

How to fix receding gums

Redness and Swelling

Pain is almost always a surefire way of knowing that something is wrong. The easiest symptoms to recognize include pain and swelling of the gums. This is a sign that the gums have become inflamed, meaning that there is an infection that your system is fighting. If your gums are unusually red, swollen, or tender, you are experiencing the warning signs of something more serious. Another common symptom is if your gums start bleeding when you brush or floss, or if you notice bleeding when eating hard foods such as apples. Even if the pain does not accompany the bleeding, it can be a sign of gum disease.

Physical Appearance

When looking for symptoms of gum disease cure, be sure to look at the physical appearance of your mouth. If your gum line is beginning to recede, leaving you looking long in the tooth, you may be looking for an early warning sign. As the gums become inflamed, they can also shift teeth, causing unusual spacing in your smile or creating some loose teeth. Be sure also to keep an eye on any sores that develop in your mouth, especially those that have a lot of pus. Most sores will go away within a few days if you keep brushing and rinsing.

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Invisible but Detectable Signs

Not all gum disease symptoms are easily seen. Microscopic bacteria cause gum disease, so sometimes the signs are invisible to the human eye. They can be detectable by other means, however.. Bad breath is caused by either fatty foods or bacterial waste on teeth. If you brush your teeth and the bad breath returns quickly or if it will not go away even after chewing gum, then you should consider that a sign that something is wrong. If you wear braces or dentures and find that they don’t seem to fit properly, then you may also need to worry about gum disease, even if you cannot see any increased spacing in your teeth.

Left untreated, gum disease can cause bone deterioration and eventually tooth loss. It can also be passed from one mouth to another. For those reasons, you should be sure you know the symptoms and be ready to pursue treatment so you can stop the problem before it gets any worse.

NAturessmile gum-balm

Also use NS oral gum balm along with regular dental cleaning, can stop receding gums and a complete natural treatment for gum disease. There is no side effects of this all natural product.

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Important Features Of A Good Accounting Program

What kind of features should the ideal Boekhoudprogramma? What should you look for before purchasing or hiring any of them? If the software does not meet the following 10 points, never worth spending money on it.

  • Adaptable

The accounting software must be as adaptable as the clay. Each company is different and has different needs, so you can not schedule everything in the same way for each client.

Clearly, a freelance should have the ability to configure the program in a different way which makes a small business. Accounting software should allow each user their “own” custom software is created within it.

Accounting software

  • With an option to make backups

Though the data are stored on the hard disk, we cannot put all our hopes on it. To do backups on a regular basis, save all data and make sure before any computer failure. If the program makes backups automatically, all the better, but it should give the user the possibility to make their backups.

  • Integrated with other programs

There are tens of accounting software on the market, but gradually all go setting in a way that all “understand”. That is, if I send information from the mine, even if it is “encoded” in a different accounting software, both know extract data similarly. No point in having an accounting program that anyone can send documents to interpret, right?

  • Customizable user levels

Depending on the size of the company, may multilayered user hierarchies are created. Advantageously, the software lets there be an administrator and several users, who have allowed only edit certain data. For example, imagine being able to provide access to the purchasing department to the exclusive part to add purchase invoices, while the sales department only allows you to create invoices with the income you will be getting. This will save a lot of mistakes.

  • Able to withstand a lot of information

What would an accounting software that will crash if we put 200 bills instantly? The program should be able to support any increase in information and save all data. There are many online and window base billing programs depending on the number of invoices issued, and that the more issues more spending means to them.


  • Easy to use

If the program is used to permit accounting, it will make sense that it was complicated. The software should be intuitive, easy to use and with almost no learning curve. To give you an idea, anyone with minimal knowledge should be able to use it. Besides that, all software should be supported by support and help documents.

  • Report generators

If you just extract input data and calculations, the program is useless. We need reports, conclusions and we provide real value beyond the data. Flee programs that are simple “calculators”, for that, we already have in a lifetime.

  • Insurance

As mentioned, most accounting programs make a primary point security, for the reason that no one can see our accounts. Analyze what safety standards that perform the software and pay particular attention to this point are. A security breach and all your accounts could be exposed.

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  • Scalable

There are specialized software in different sectors such as freelancers, big business or consultants, which you buy must scalability. If you work alone today, but tomorrow is a company of 20 employees, you should be able to continue using it. If you think you will grow in the future and see that your accounting is not scalable, you better look for another to avoid having to relearn how to use one again in the future.

  • Compatible

The last feature is most evident: if the accounting software is not supported with your favorite operating system or browser, it makes no sense to buy it. Double check the specs before going to.

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Mind Control Stories–Is Obama Using Stealth Mind Control Tactics?

Many people are pointing the finger at Obama for using 1950’s era mind control tactics.  Some believe he is on a mission to create a communist dictatorship.  While it will be difficult to prove some are acknowledging a closed door meeting with several top lawmakers was proof that it is true.  These top brass, secretly believe Obama is on a covert mission and is mounting a diabolical conspiracy.  Part of this secret event was captured on video.

They indicate that many liberal organizations are in support of Obama and are using a strategy known as Delphi.


The name “Delphi” derives from the Oracle of Delphi. The authors of the method were not happy with this name, because it implies “something oracular, something smacking a little of the occult”. The Delphi method is based on the assumption that group judgments are more valid than individual judgments.

The Delphi method was developed at the beginning of the Cold War to forecast the impact of technology on warfare.n 1944, General Henry H. Arnold ordered the creation of the report for the U.S. Army Air Corps on the future technological capabilities that might be used by the military.

Different approaches were tried, but the shortcomings of traditional forecasting methods, such as theoretical approach, quantitative models or trend extrapolation, in areas where precise scientific laws have not been established yet, quickly became apparent. To combat these shortcomings, the Delphi method was developed by Project RAND during the 1950-1960s (1959) by Olaf Helmer, Norman Dalkey, and Nicholas Rescher. It has been used ever since, together with various modifications and reformulations, such as the Imen-Delphi procedure.

Experts were asked to give their opinion on the probability, frequency, and intensity of possible enemy attacks. Other experts could anonymously give feedback. This process was repeated several times until a consensus emerged.


The following key characteristics of the Delphi method help the participants to focus on the issues at hand and separate Delphi from other methodologies:

Structuring of information flow

The initial contributions from the experts are collected in the form of answers to questionnaires and their comments to these answers. The panel director controls the interactions among the participants by processing the information and filtering out irrelevant content. This avoids the negative effects of face-to-face panel discussions and solves the usual problems of group dynamics.

Regular feedback

Participants comment on their own forecasts, the responses of others and on the progress of the panel as a whole. At any moment they can revise their earlier statements. While in regular group meetings participants tend to stick to previously stated opinions and often conform too much to the group leader; the Delphi method prevents it.

Anonymity of the participants

Usually all participants remain anonymous. Their identity is not revealed, even after the completion of the final report. This prevents the authority, personality, or reputation of some participants from dominating others in the process. Arguably, it also frees participants (to some extent) from their personal biases, minimizes the “bandwagon effect” or “halo effect”, allows free expression of opinions, encourages open critique, and facilitates admission of errors when revising earlier judgments.

It is my understanding that this technique has been used many times since it’s creation by politicians, presidents of companies, and people in power.  It is an effective strategy to get buy in on issues that normally would not.  It’s all about getting consensus.  And once we get one major group of people on board it becomes easy to get the rest because of group mentality.  If more people use the group mentality or herd theory then it becomes a very easy cycle to propagate.

I can’t say for sure what Obama’s plans are.  but I can say that many powerful leaders around the world use these strategies to get what they want.  You may not be able to stop the government but it is worth studying the tactics and strategies of these organizations and use them to your advantage.  You can employ these same covert strategies to get others to do what you want.  All you have to do is learn them and practice them.  But they won’t come to you on their own. And they start with conversational hypnosis.


Because the first thing you must do is learn how to talk in a way that captivates.  Talk in a way that grabs attention.  And in the process you can use these hypnotic mind control tactics on anyone individually.  Once you master these skills you can move to group manipulation.  Here is where I recommend you start.

You may find yourself with enormous powers after reviewing this amazingly effective course.  When you’re finished, please let me know what you think of it and fill me in on any mind control stories you’ve created for yourself.